Chill out in Budapest this fall


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With summer drawing to a close, you might be despairing the fact that you didn’t get to travel much this season.

However, getting away in the fall is a much better prospect in many regards, as you get to dodge the crowds, and the prices of everything from attraction admissions to hotels are much more affordable.

If you are in need of a European city break soon, do try to visit Hungary this autumn, as its capital of Budapest has plenty of urban attractions that will allow you and your loved ones to relax in style, without cratering your bank account.

Here’s what you should get up to in Budapest this fall…

Sample the heartiness of Hungarian cuisine

While a big deal is made about the high quality of French and Italian cuisine (and for good reason), the amazing flavors that Hungarian food possesses has largely slipped under the radar in comparison to its neighbors.

The sweetness of Kürtőskalács (often containing cinnamon, coconut and other tasty fillings) and the savory flavors of Lángos (deep fried dough that is seasoned with salt and garlic, and served with cheese and sour cream) will make your journey to the bakery a delightful one, while fine restaurants like Onyx will take great pleasure in dishing up some of the most avant garde dishes to come out of a Hungarian kitchen in a long time.

A pub culture that have you living it up until the sun rises

If your idea of letting off steam involves having more than a few pints of local beer or glasses of red wine, then Budapest will have plenty of joints that will keep you hopscotching all over the city throughout your evenings here.

Belgian Brasseie Henri will appeal to lovers of lagers and ales, while the Gundel 1894 Food & Wine Cellar will be a journey through some of the best and rarest vintages that Hungary has to offer, and all at a price that will shock you with the value that you will be receiving in return for your meager investment.

The evenings are getting chilly = the best time to visit Budapest’s thermal baths

The tourists disappear from Europe come autumn, but we have a hard time figuring out why they would abandon Budapest at such a time, as it is one of the best times by far to enjoy a relaxing soak in one of Budapest’s amazing thermal baths.

Széchenyi is one of the most famous and picturesque, with outdoor and indoor pools housed in front of and within a stunning Neo-Baroque building.

It is here where you can not only unwind in the mineral rich, 30-40 degree Celsius water, but you can challenge the locals to a game of chess, all while submerged in these relaxing baths.

Posted on: August 26, 2015

By admin