Best Time to Book a Coach Holiday?


Many people have not had the luxury of booking a holiday in advance this year due to work commitments and a poor bank balance. But by leaving it last minute will all the great deals already been snapped up?

Much like the British weather we cannot always predict our calendar or our finances and sometimes it can be difficult to book time off work in advance. We may wish to book a romantic break last minute without worrying about paying premium prices. In short, we want greater flexibility these days as it’s just not all always convenient to book a holiday in advance. However you don’t want to be penalised and pay significantly more for a holiday as a result.

Last Minute Options

So when it comes to arranging your holiday what options are available if you don’t have the time to book in advance? Flights tend to increase their prices for last minute bookings but hotels offer better deals, opting to drop their prices to entice customers rather than have empty beds.

So you book your flight early on and leave the hotel booking to nearer the time. However it can be a risk leaving it all last minute, what if the hotel on offer is not to your liking or to your standards? Or worse still, everything is booked up?

There are other travel options and holiday packages available with coach travel proving to be a highly flexible and low cost option. So when it comes to booking a coach holiday is it best to book in advance or can you get a better deal when you book last minute?

Creative Thinking

Coach packages (unlike flights) offer a comprehensive selection of late availability, special offers and last minute deals. It’s a mode of travel that still offers outstanding value for money and can cater to last minute needs as well as advanced dates.

Coach trips with are some of the finest around and the agent has access to a wide range of respected coach tour operators, offering package holidays that range from trips to nostalgic British towns and beaches and heritage sites or tours to destinations further afield such as Rome, Croatia and Peru. They hand pick the best from the deals and experiences on offer such as going to Formula 1 at Silverstone or seeing Robbie Williams perform in Amsterdam, thus giving you access to the best offers and latest availability.

Access to a choice of reasonably priced options that are so wide-ranging in nature, with destinations from Edinburgh through to a little town Erl in Tyrol Austria is a gift to the last minute traveller! This is the only website in the UK to offer such a comprehensive selection of late availability, special offers and last minute deals on coach holidays, all of which when can be delivered straight to your inbox.

Having an agent do all the legwork appeals to those who don’t have time to look into travel itineraries and hotels. Simply choose from a library of destinations within your budget, make a call and be there by the weekend. Just the ticket!

Posted on: August 14, 2013