Benefits of Beach Breaks in the Dominican Republic


When we talk about stealing away for some time on a far away, idyllic beach, we are invariably dreaming of the Caribbean. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a busy fortnight water-skiing or are simply looking for a hammock in which to get into some of your favourite prose, what you’re looking for is likely to be situated in the Dominican Republic.

Anything that the Dominican Republic doesn’t offer simply isn’t worth having. Visitors of all dispositions and interests will find themselves feeling at home in no time, partly thanks to the positively overwhelming hospitality of the locals.

Here, we take a look at just a few benefits offered by the Dominican Republic.


If action is what you’re after, then action is what you will get. Due to the diversity of landscapes within the country, the activities on offer are numerous and varied. Those who get their kicks ashore will find plenty of opportunity to hike and trek through the alpine ranges and deserts. Along the way, you will have plenty to keep you entertained thanks to the abundance of wildlife in the rainforest regions.

Needless to say, as the nation is an island, there is no end to the water sports on offer to visitors. If windsurfing or water-skiing isn’t your thing, why not get involved with the local sport: baseball? With the national team coming first place in the 2013 World Baseball Classic and more than a handful of the locals going on to star in America’s Major League, you can be sure that the locals will be able to teach you a thing or two!


As with anywhere else in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is home to some of the world’s finest cuisine. With such rich local resources, visitors can expect a wealth of fresh fruit, vegetables and fish. If you’re wondering how the food can possibly taste so good, it won’t be long before you discover the answer as you see the locals picking the food straight from the trees.


It’s no surprise that the Dominican Republic is a hit with tourists. The result is that the country houses a decent number of luxury resorts like those with Club Med, which are perfect for letting off some steam and relaxing.

Thanks to the landscape of the Dominican Republic, the view from the ocean is simply superb – a clear blue ocean, a white sand beach, palm trees and luscious mountains. If it all gets too much to look at while you’re swimming, feel free to retire to the beach and take it easy with some of the local rum.

Posted on: April 24, 2013